Chair of Governors Confirms Andrew Rees is the New Headteacher


The Chair of the St Olave’s Governing Body has issued the following statement on the school website regarding the appointment of Mr Andrew Rees as the new Headteacher of St Olave’s:

Dear Parents/Carers, Students, Old Olavians and Grandparents

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Breaking News: Andrew Rees is the new St Olave’s Headmaster

Acting Headteacher Andrew Rees has been given the job permanently.

Newsflash: Head Teacher Appointment Announcement Tomorrow

An announcement regarding the appointment of the new Head Teacher will be made to staff at 08:30 Wednesday morning.

There were 13 applications for the post, and the acting Head Mr Rees was interviewed along with a number of other candidates.

A Brief Update on the Investigation & Report


From the Acting Headmaster as quoted in minutes of a recent meeting with Parent representatives:

Update on the investigation:

Q: It would be good to hear the outcome/findings from the investigation

Answer: Mr Rees

“A draft of the report has been written and is going through local authority etc for checking. There will be a number of sign off stages and it is proposed to be available in June or July. A question was asked if it would be made public. Mr Rees believed it would be made public and probably released over the summer but was not sure how this will be shared as the school has no control over the report. However, as it is the School that is being investigated, the LA may have a different viewpoint on sharing all information.

Separately, from the Headmaster’s Newsletter this week:

Interviews for the new Headteacher will take place next week on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 June. Parents/carers will be made aware of the outcome after a decision has been reached by the Governors.

At the time of writing we are unable to confirm if our erstwhile friend and former Headteacher Mr Aydin Onac (B.Mus., B.Sc., ARCM FRSA) has applied for the position.

St Olave’s Advertises for a New Head Teacher – at a Reduced Salary

Compared to the salary the previous incumbent Mr Aydin Onac (B.Mus., B.Sc., ARCM FRSA) commanded this is a very welcome drop, and much closer to the typical Head Teacher salary at St Olave’s peer schools (see Headmaster’s 2016 Pay was £188k for more details)

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Hibberdine Leaves the St Olave’s Governing Body


The Governing Body section of the St Olave’s website has been updated to reflect the fact that Stuart Hibberdine has finally left the St Olave’s Governing Body. The circumstances of his departure are not known, however Mr Hibberdine celebrated his 80th birthday last July.

Mr Hibberdine, a Foundation governor appointed by the Dulwich Estate, was a member of the Governing Body for 13 years and his current term was due to expire in 2021.

Mr Hibberdine was the Governing Body Chair at the time Aydin Önaç was appointed Headmaster.

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Should Parents Donate to the P.A. Instead of the Voluntary Fund?


Given the recent controversy over the usage (or non-usage) of contributions made by the Parents of St Olave’s students to the school Voluntary Fund, it has been suggested that Parents may wish to consider switching their donations to the Parents’ Association.

Note this is not a recommendation, but perhaps something worth considering, especially if you were thinking of stopping Voluntary Fund contributions.

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