Should Parents Donate to the P.A. Instead of the Voluntary Fund?


Given the recent controversy over the usage (or non-usage) of contributions made by the Parents of St Olave’s students to the school Voluntary Fund, it has been suggested that Parents may wish to consider switching their donations to the Parents’ Association.

Note this is not a recommendation, but perhaps something worth considering, especially if you were thinking of stopping Voluntary Fund contributions.

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Update on the Council Investigation into Events at St Olave’s


The London Borough of Bromley investigation into events at St Olave’s during the tenure of former Headmaster Aydin Önaç is finally drawing to close. The investigation, which has been ongoing since early November is in its final stages, however the report may not be published for a few months.

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School Confirms Voluntary Fund is Awash with Cash


Following our article on the 25th Jan Voluntary Fund Bombshell: School has over £1.4m in the Bank Unspent, Acting Headteacher Andrew Rees has confirmed in a letter to all parents that the school “is in a healthier financial situation than has previously been reported“.

The actual balance of the Voluntary Fund is not mentioned in the letter, but as we reported previously the figure of £1.4m was confirmed at a Parents’ Association meeting a few weeks ago. The letter also states that “why more of the Voluntary Fund was not used previously by the former Headmaster is not clear

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Was Aydin Önaç Given a Pay-Off?


We have heard unconfirmed rumours from a few sources that former St Olave’s Headmaster Aydin Önaç may have been given a ‘golden handshake’ pay-off when he resigned at the end of 2017.

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Proposed Changes to Sixth Form Admissions Policy: Consultation Closes Wednesday


A reminder to all our readers that the consultation for the proposed changes to the St Olave’s Sixth Form Admissions Policy closes on Wednesday 31st January.

We had our say here, but what do you think?

Time is running out to use this opportunity to have your voice heard. Remember that anyone can submit comments (and that includes students) but perhaps you might want to state any connection you have with the school or why you wish to comment.

You can find details on how to send your comments at the bottom of our article or on the school website.

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Aydin Önaç Applies for a Job at St Paul’s Girls’ School


We understand that the former Head of St Olave’s Aydin Önaç has recently been interviewed for a Teacher of Mathematics vacancy at St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith, London. St Paul’s is a prestigious independent school with fees of £24,000 per annum that typically receives 40 to 50 Oxbridge places per year.

To ensure that the staff, parents & governors of St Paul’s are aware of Mr Önaç’s controversial history, below are links to some articles on this site that they may find of interest:

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Voluntary Fund Bombshell: School has over £1.4m in the Bank Unspent


At a recent Parent’s Association meeting it was revealed that the contributions made by parents to the school Voluntary Fund were sitting in a bank account unspent, to the tune of nearly one and half million pounds.

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