Former Olave’s Parent Speaks of ‘Toxic’ Atmosphere Under Önaç

StudentStressWe have been sent the following testimony from the parent of a former St Olave’s student, revealing how the atmosphere at the school took a turn for the worse after Aydin Önaç was appointed Headmaster.

We have been sent similar testimonies by other parents, however many are still reluctant for their stories to be made public. We thank the parent that made their story available to us for publishing, and hope that others may now consider following suit.

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Bromley Council Finally Acts on St Olave’s Crisis

Bromley-logo-RGBAt a meeting of the London Borough of Bromley Education, Children and Families Select Committee yesterday evening, the Chairman of the committee suggested that action was being taken by the council and that the results of this will become apparent in the next few days.

In response to a number of questions submitted to the Committee by former St Olave’s Governors, former local councillors, and present & past parents of St Olave’s students, the Chairman Councillor Nicholas Bennett J.P. (a former school teacher and Member of Parliament) made the following remarks:

I cannot say too much but there will be action and movement in the next few days … We have written to the new Chair (of the school) on a number of points and await a response.

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Secret Teacher: It’s Time to Get Shot of Incompetent Heads

Red-cardIn an article that bears an uncanny resemblance to the current situation at St Olave’s, the Guardian newspaper Secret Teacher blog recently featured an item that will resonate with many parents & staff of the school.

The Secret Teacher describes itself as anonymous blog where “teachers can tell it like it is“.  Perhaps a member of staff at St Olave’s might care to contribute an article to the blog?

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Parents’ Association Meeting called for 18th Oct 19:45

pa-meetingFor some reason the fact that there is a Parents’ Association Meeting on the 18th Oct in the school library at 19:45 is not being publicised. We understand that members of the PA Committee requested that a notification be sent via SchoolComms but that has not happened, and we are not sure why.

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Has GCSE League Table Manipulation Already Started?

MoreThanJustATestScoreWe understand that letters are about to go out to Year 11 parents warning that their child is at risk of ‘failing’ certain subjects, as they are on track to only gain a GCSE Grade C or below in the public exams.

The letter also states that if there is not a “marked improvement” in the January mock exams, the school will “consider whether he should be entered for this subject in the summer

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School Voluntary Fund: Where Does the Money Go?

Empty WalletWe’ve already highlighted the Headmaster’s disproportionate pay when compared to his peer group, and obviously a pay award of this size creates a sizeable gap in the St Olave’s school budget that needs to be filled via a source of funding.

So perhaps it’s time to take a look at the school ‘Voluntary’ Fund…

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Headmaster & Governors Make Official Complaint to The Times

NewspaperComplaintThe Headmaster & Governors of St Olave’s appear to have made an official complaint to The Times newspaper regarding their recent article Head of St Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington vows to defy law over exclusion. The article now has the following text in the opening paragraph:

“This article is the subject of a complaint from St Olave’s Grammar School’s headmaster and governors”

Arguably the article headline may be questionable given the actual content, but looking at it again we think the report itself simply states facts taken from the 13th September Emergency Governors Meeting Minutes.

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