Proposed Changes to Sixth Form Admissions Criteria: The Bar is Still too High

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St Olave’s Grammar School today sent a letter to all parents detailing proposed changes to the Sixth Form admissions policy, effective for the September 2019 intake. The proposed changes will apply to all existing St Olave’s students in Years 10 and below.

The existing 64 points from nine best subjects will remain, however the following changes are proposed:

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Olave’s Unofficial News Nominated for UK Blog Awards 2018

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Saint Olave’s Unofficial News has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018 in the Education category.

If you think we deserve a vote for our work over the past few months, please use the link below to vote for us:

Committee to Save St Olave’s Disbanded

NO-VOTINGIn the wake of the resignation of former Headmaster Aydin Önaç the Committee to Save St Olave’s appears to have been disbanded.

As we reported in our article on the Parents’ Association AGM a few weeks ago, the Committee to Save St Olave’s had attempted to take over the Parents’ Association, however it seems that with Mr Önaç finally put out to pasture their raison d’etre is no longer relevant.

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Sunday Times Article Labels St Olave’s “an exam factory”

Sunday Times

The Sunday Times has today released their 2017 “Parent Power” league tables which “identifies the highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked by their recent examination results

In a linked article it is suggested that St Olave’s Grammar School, which came third in this year’s league table, has achieved it’s high ranking due to “prioritising exam results over everything else“.

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School Business Manager Alan Wooley Resigns


The good news just keeps on coming…

The St Olave’s Business Manager Alan Wooley has resigned for personal reasons, and will be starting a new job in the North of England. His resignation comes just one week after the resignation of former Headmaster Aydin Önaç.

We understand Mr Wooley is unhappy with “negative comments and criticism of the school Senior Leadership Team“, but his resignation is not related to this.

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The Effect of the Sixth Form Admissions Criteria Changes

No Entry

Following our earlier article regarding The History of Sixth Form Admissions Criteria, we will now examine what the actual effect of the policy was in terms of number of students that did not qualify for Sixth form entry.

We have been provided with the results of a Freedom of Information request to the school to determine the number of St Olave’s students that failed to meet the Sixth form entry criteria since 2008. This information is presented below.

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Önaç-Era Policies Consigned to the Dustbin


Following the resignation of former St Olave’s Headmaster Aydin Önaç on Friday, the process of rolling back Önaç-era policies began in earnest today after a letter was sent to all parents by acting Headmaster Andrew Rees addressing some of the concerns raised by students, staff, parents and on this site.

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